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Zion Associates Global is a commodity trading and Investment related Company; backed by dedicated investors and partners. Managed by a highly accomplished leadership team globally. We source, strategize, process market opportunities, and facilitate the transportation of essential commodities. Decades of experience in energy, commodity trading, integrated supply chain & logistics operations.

We connect energy from areas of excess supply to where the need is, our operations play an essential role in fulfilling the promise of hassle-free supply chain and opportunity for all.
We also serve as a reliable conduit that cultivates private and public investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Paramount to this is our culture, namely how we treat and value people – our employees, our Partners and Trading Counterparties, the countries where we operate, and the full spectrum of Stakeholders that we touch with our actions and decisions. We are connecting the dots, Bringing Together People, Ingenuity and Resourcefulness, and a Vision of Shared Value and Prosperity, to deliver Products that help build Successful Businesses and Communities. At ZAG, We Work to help People Thrive, Flourish, and Chase their Potential.


At ZAG, we firmly believe that Shari’ah principles and transparent corporate governance are essential to building and maintaining public trust. We at, ZAG are guided by our values to maintain the highest level of integrity.

Our corporate policies and business practices are designed to ensure that these values are continuously upheld at all levels of our Company. In this regard, we are implementing industry best practices in our company’s corporate governance and board oversight and will remain diligent in identifying ways to enhance and strengthen our company.

We seek out and join forces with progressive companies and smart investors who want to be part of a dynamic partnership – a partnership that has the power to fuel innovation, infuse new energy into our communities, and create new wealth for everyone involved.

Zion Associates Global is a commodity trading and Investment related Company, backed by dedicated Investors and partners, managed by a highly accomplished leadership team globally.

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